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In 2020, the market of power electronic devices in China will exceed 500 billion yuan

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If the central processing unit (CPU) is the heart of a computer, is the heart of the motor power semiconductors, with it as the important component of power electronics device which can realize to the efficient generation of electricity, transmission, transformation, storage and control. China made 2025, which Outlines the overall direction and development plan of industrial transformation and upgrading in the next decade, and the power semiconductor plays a big role in this process. However, similar to the integrated circuit industry, there is a huge gap between the development level of China"s power semiconductor industry and the international advanced level. People often compare the value of China"s annual integrated circuit import to oil. In fact, if the proportion is calculated, the import substitution capability of China"s power semiconductor may be weaker. Aiming at the current power semiconductor industry development status and development of power electronics industry in 2016-2020, the Chinese application and wide bandgap semiconductor industry association, China IGBT technology innovation and industry alliance, power electronics branch of China electrical equipment industry association, Beijing power electronics society jointly issued a "development of power electronics industry blue book (hereinafter referred to as the" blue book "). "Blue book", points out that the focus of the power electronics industry is the production of power electronic chips and packaging, but also inseparable from the semiconductor and electronic materials, key parts and components, manufacturing equipment, testing equipment and other industries, its development needs both upstream materials industry support, and the downstream equipment industry.

Power electronics has a wide impact and has a market capacity of more than $100 billion

As a major branch of the semiconductor industry, power semiconductors are as powerful as integrated circuits. "Blue book", points out that power electronic devices is to use semiconductor materials, used to achieve energy conversion switch control electronics, including power semiconductor discrete components, modules and components, etc. They are the basis for the generation, transmission, transformation, storage and control of electric energy, energy utilization efficiency, development of renewable energy and sustainable national economy. In recent years, "energy conservation and emission reduction" and "development of green new energy" have become the basic state policy of China"s long-term development. With the development of China"s green energy industry, power semiconductor has become an important support for building economical society, promoting national economic development and practicing innovation-driven development strategy. In addition, power semiconductor not only involves the power electronics, power electronic devices, systems and control, and its application in various industries, etc, also involves the relevant semiconductor material, electrical material, key parts, radiator, production equipment, testing equipment, such as industry, long industrial chain, industry leading role is huge, in promoting the implementation of "made in China 2025" planning is of great significance, to further promote the manufacturing industry structure adjustment and the enterprise technical transformation, implementation of China"s manufacturing power construction "three-step" development strategy to provide a strong support.

Because of the huge role of power electronics, it has now formed a huge market demand and industry scale. According to the blue book, the market for international power electronics devices was close to $100 billion in 2013, and the market average annual growth rate is around 15%. Since the 12th five-year plan, the market of power electronic devices in China has become more and more important in the global market, and has become a demand market for global power and electronic devices. China"s market is growing at a faster rate than the global level, with annual growth of almost 20%.

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