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The difference between variable resistance and ordinary resistance

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(1) the volume of the variable resistance is larger than that of the general resistance, and the variable resistance in the circuit is less, and it can be found easily in the circuit board.

(2) the variable resistor, a total of three pin this three pin there"s a difference, one for the pin, the other two is fixed pin, usually between two fixed pin can be used interchangeably, and decide between piece and piece pin cannot be used interchangeably.

(3) there is an adjusting port on the variable resistor, which is inserted into the adjusting mouth with a screwdriver, and the screwdriver can change the position of the film and make the adjustment of the resistance value.

(4) can be seen on the variable resistance of its nominal value, the nominal value refers to the resistance between two fixed pin, the piece of pins and is also a piece of resistance between the pins.

(5) the vertical variable resistor is mainly used in the small signal circuit, its three pins are vertically down, vertically mounted on the circuit board, and the resistance adjustment port is in the horizontal direction.

(6) horizontal variable resistor is used in small signal circuit, its three pin and resistance plane into 90 °, straight down, recumbent installed on the circuit board, resistance to adjust the mouth up.

(7) the variable resistance of the small plastic shell is smaller and has a circular structure. Its three pins are downward and the resistance adjustment is up.

(8) the variable resistance (wire-wound structure) used in large power situations is very large, and the movable pieces can slide to and from the left to make the resistance adjustment.

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